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Thousands of malicious programs are detected every day. To secure your PC and connected devices, what you need is technical support from Tackle Tech. Just call us toll free 1 844 445 6620 now and connect with a technician, right away.

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Tackle Tech protect your PC on all fronts with a total security suite, and hands-on expert support. Detect and destroy existing malware, viruses, worms, and other unwanted PC invaders. 24/7 access to a real live tech expert who performs PC maintenance while you watch. Tackle Tech instantly highlights every untrusted process running on a PC and allows you to shut them down with a single click.

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Unable to surf the web? Relax, we can help you with instant support. If your browser is giving you a tough time, don't worry. Tackle Tech experts can fix all issues so you can enjoy a snappier web surfing experience.